Chinese Millionaires Love the U.S.

Wealthy people in China love watches, according to a survey by Hurun magazine, particularly watches by brands like Cartier and Patek Philippe. Oh, and they love Bentleys too, as well as vacationing in the U.S. When it comes to tobacco and flights, Chinese people who are worth $1.46 million or more, like to keep it local with companies like Air China for luxury flights, and Chunghwa for cigarettes, but their favorite cigar brand is Davidoff from the states.

The average person to respond to the Hurun survey takes about 15 days off every year, owns three cars, and five watches that cost at least $10,000 a piece. Also, findings showed that 50% want to buy a yacht, and 15% would love a private jet.

“The Chinese have a greater awareness of brands,” according to Rupert Hoogewerf, the chief researcher and founder of Hurun. “They are also more international-minded and keener to give their children a foreign education.” Out of five, four are planning to send their children to school abroad for high school and college, with the United States being their preference.

Via: Luxist