Branson Commissions Underwater Plane

Billionaire tycoon Richard Branson has taken flying to a whole new level–by commissioning an underwater plane. Called the Necker Nymph, this submarine or sorts is intended to take visitors to his luxury hideaway in Necker Island, on an underwater ride. Worth $663,000, its fighter jet technology allows it to dive to depths of up to 130 feet. The Nymph uses a downward “lift” on the wings to glide like an airplane through the water, rather than using ballasts to propel itself under water like submarines do. It can fit two visitors and pilot for up to two hours under water.

‘The Nymph is an entirely new class of vehicle for us–think of a sleek convertible under water. It is different from our other submersibles because it was specifically designed to dive to scuba depths in tropical waters. It has the flexibility to glide peacefully over glorious reefs or bank adventurously in 360 degree turns,” said Karen Hawkes, marketing manager of Hawkes Ocean Technologies who developed the Nymph.

It’s available to rent for $25,000 a week for those who wish to uncover shipwrecks or fly side-by-side of dolphins and whales, and his luxury catamaran, the Necker Belle, for a minimum of $88,000.

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