Basketball Heroes Make a Big Difference

Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade knows how to get work accomplished on the court, sure. His basketball skills are impressive and promising. But Wade also knows how to take care of business off the court as well, handling his personal life like a pro, taking positive steps in his non b-ball activities. Wade’s recent endeavor, raising money in his spare time for Haiti, is both impressive and greatly commendable.

Wade and former Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning have now risen over $800,000 for earthquake victims in Haiti, and as of yesterday, $1 million pledges have been raised for the “Athletes Relief Fund for Haiti,” the organization that the two co-found. Mourning immediately got involved in helping to relieve Haiti’s peoples after returning from his recent trip there, where he assisted with medical needs. The two men were actually the first professional athletes to get involved in the assistance of the country and its victims-an extremely commendable title, no doubt. LeBron James, Chris Paul, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Beasley, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, and Michael Vick have now also contributed to the fund. Mourning plans to return to Haiti on Tuesday to further his relief efforts and continue making a difference in as many ways as he can.

Via: Miami Herald