World’s Most Expensive Auction Items of 2009

Ever wonder what items made the list of the most expensive items to be auctioned were in 2009? Here, we provide you with a list of this year’s most expensive, most rare, and most outlandish items to be sold at auction.

1. The painting, The Bagpipe Player in Profile by Hendrick Ter Brugghen. Painted in 1938, it sold for $10 million (twice its estimated value).


2. The vivid pink 5-karat diamond sold for $11.7 million, as Christie’s Hong Kong proved that pink wasn’t just a color, but an attidude of its own.

3. Considered to be the most expensive coin in the world, the Centen Gold Coin, a solid gold coin that was made in Spain in 1609 A.D. sold for $1.2 million.


4. A set of Russian royal treasures sold for $11.6 million, which included a set of cigarette cases that once belonged to the Russian royal family. These items broke records at Sotheby’s in London, as items included a cigarette case made for the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlote, the sister-in-law of the Russian Emperor, Alexander III, and other cigarette cases that were presents from Emperor Nicholas II (Tsar of Russia) to his wife Alexandra.

5. A rare French doll made in Paris in 1915, designed by French artist Albert Marque, was sold at a Theriault’s auction for $263,000, setting the new world record for the highest auction price for a doll. The doll was dressed in its period clothing to honor the Ballets Russes of Paris, and was first introduced in 1909.


6. Edward Weston’s Photograph: ‘Nude’ sold for $1.6 million (far above it’s estimated value).

7. A Japanese Katase sword sold at Christie’s NY for $418,000.


8. British auction house sold the most valuable bottle of beer for $16,000, a bottle rescued from the crash at the great Hindenburg.


9. Krug Champagne, considered the most expensive champagne in the world, sold for $21,200.


10. Dalmore Oculus Whisky (the most rare whisky) sold for $46,400, making it the second most expensive whisky in the world.


11. Yves Saint Laurent‘s Leather Chair sold for $28 million at Christie’s, a very large and lavish leather chair with arms shaped like dragons.

eileen gray fauteuil
12. The most expensive bar ever sold was the Francois-Xavier Bar, at $3.5 million.

13. The Patek Philippe Calibre 89 watch sold for $5 million and became the highlight of Antiquorum‘s 35th anniversary sale, marking it the most expensive and most complicated watch ever made.


14. The 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa sold for $12.2 million.


15. One of the bikes from Willy Neutken’s BMW Motorcycle Collection sold for $1.5 million, as it is one of 94 of the most important BMW bikes in history.

bmwbike16. Who would ever think that a generic name like “toy” could be worth so much? The domain name for sold for a staggering $9.99 million.

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Via: Born Rich