Palm Beach’s Vintage Heaven

Just because the economy currently sits at a somewhat weaker point than in the past that certainly does not mean it’s impossible to still look fabulous. When life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade, right? And out of every negative there’s always a positive, you just have to find it. Out of every storm, there’s always a shining light and so on and so forth, yada, yada, yada. I could go on for days reciting mantras to live by and that, to be quite honest, make absolute sense in the way that we live our current lives. But instead I’ll go ahead and clue you in on a fantastic, well-kept secret that’s now gaining more popularity amongst people in their fight to remain looking fabulous without draining their bank accounts-it’s called vintage, or in lemans terms, consignment shopping.  Now I know what you’re thinking, consignment shopping? Isn’t that for people who can’t afford the luxuries that that haute class like I actually can? The answer to that question is undoubtedly no. What was once considered a frugal way of shopping, is now considered savvy, smart, and at best, extremely exclusive.

To get a piece of the fabulously excusive, vintage wardrobe pie, a trip to Palm Beach is in order. Palm Beach is chock full of vintage boutiques, offering you everything from Hermes items, to Pucci scarves, to ex-Madoff owned handbags and jewels. Even top-notch designers have been known to visit the vintage locales to snatch up a terrific find. Glam Vintage store owner Kathryn Jacobson was even once visited by Michael Kors, who she says bought one of her pendants  that she swears she saw on display in New York some months later.

If that’s not enough to inspire your vintage shopping endeavors, I don’t know what is. Attitudes, Avenue Revenue, City Girl Consignments, Fashion Exchange, Fiore Vintage Menswear, Flower Child Consignments, Glam Vintage, Groovy Palm Beach Vintage, Razamataz Consignments, and Tanya Pierce Collectibles’n’Gifts are some of the considered best in the vintage Mecca that is Palm Beach. Just think about all the cool stories and history that go along with some of the pieces you could potentially purchase. Rendezvous with high profile actors and actresses perhaps? And if anything, you can always make up a grandiose story about a fabulous dress or a flashy designer pendant. For me, that’s the best part about vintage-you’re able to imagine, dream, and wear a piece of history. And as said already, if anything, make it up for goodness sakes!

Via: NY Post