Introducing the Hybrid Mercedes-Benz Concept

Although the subject of Iran in the media is usually negative, we have recently acquired some positive, or at least very intriguing information. With all things wanting to “go green” these days, a young mechanical engineering and design student at Azad University in Tehran named Mohammad Morassafar, showed his newly unveiled eco-efficient Archimed Mercedes-Benz concept. Named in honor of Archimedes, the Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer, the innovative hybrid three-wheeled, two-door, four-passenger luxury ride is fitted with gullwing doors, and carries a combination of three different engines, two electrical and one diesel powered. With a hypothetical output of 356 hp, it’s designed to reach a speed of 158 mph. As it is designed to maneuver through cramped urban areas, the car allows you to turn on a dime and rotate 360 degrees while immobile.

Via: Luxist