Mitsuko Island for Sale

Remember the game we used to play as kids, where you ask someone “if you were deserted on a stranded island, what one person and item would you bring with you?” Well, that game is about to take on a whole new meaning for someone willing to head off for the Seto Inland Sea.

The Chugoku Local Finance Bureau has officially revealed plans to sell of Japanese government-owned and uninhabited Mitsuko Island in the Seto Inland Sea, just off the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture. Interested buyers will be involved in a competitive sale that is a first of its kind in Japan.

The island in question, Mitsuko Island, is made up of two islands to the southwest of the city Kure. Only the northern island is up for sale, which features 7,600 square meters of real estate. Prior to World War II, the island was home to a naval hospital, although now there is nothing short of weeds and trees.

The sale is part of a government initiative to capitalize on any unused assets and they will be holding a tender for the island in February.

So if this is something that might interest you, I guess the only thing left to do (besides actually purchasing the island) is to pick that one special person and item to take with you without hurting anyone’s feelings.