Porsche Cayenne Goes Green

If you’ve ever wondered how the high-flying delegates at the ongoing COP 15 environmental conference in Copenhagen are riding, wonder no more. They are riding in true green style, of course, by way of the eco-friendly eRUF Stormster, the first electric variant of the Porsche Cayenne.

German tuning company RUF hit the environmentally-friendly community with their release of the electric version of the Porsche 911, and now they are turning some very green-inclined heads up at the COP 15 environmental conference in Copenhagen, and around the world.

RUF has just released the eRUF Stormster, the first electric variant of the luxurious Porsche Cayenne, which is currently serving as a very high-end form of shuttle transportation for delegates at the Copenhagen conference. The Stormster boasts 367 hp and features a specially made battery from Li-Tec that allows the car to do an impressive 124 miles on one charge. Charging the battery takes approximately 8 hours using a regular household outlet, and a truly innovative feature to the battery is that it is recharged every time the car brakes, or when the wheels are rolling freely.

While Porsche is typically known for producing extremely high-speed capability cars, the one downside to the electric version of the Cayenne is that it tops out at 93mph, begging the question of what Porsche owner wants to drive a car with that speed limitation. Despite that concern, the car is extremely environmentally-friendly which opens up a whole new realm of potential buyers for Porsche.

RUF has announced that they will in fact be going into serial production of the handmade versions next spring.