Berlusconi Attacked At a Rally in Italy

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was taken to a hospital today after being punched in the face at a political rally in northern Italy. 

According to breaking news from CNN, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was rushed to a hospital in Italy after being punched in the face by someone in the crowd at a political rally in the northern part of the country. Berlusconi was shaking hands with supporters when the attack occurred, and while there are currently no specific details available about the attacker, the person was taken away by police, according to Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa, who was with Berlusconi at the time of the attack. 

The drama-plagued prime minister did not lose consciousness, but as he was taken to hospital witnesses could see that his face was cut and bleeding. Le Russa told an Italian newspaper that the man who hit Berlusconi had “some kind of a metallic object” in his hand, although the minister did not actually see the attack as it happened. La Russa added, “[Berlusconi] remained calm and leaned out the window as he was being driven to the hospital and waved to the crowd.” 

While this attack is the first physical one Berlusconi has endured in the recent months, he has been under a firestorm of political and personal allegations and currently faces trial on tax fraud charges on tax fraud. Berlusconi denies the fraud charges and says that are purely politically motivated. 

In his personal life, Berlusconi isn’t fairing so well either, as Haute Living reported, his wife of 19 years, Veronica Lario, has filed for divorce and is seeking $65 million in yearly alimony. 

Despite all of the recent the turmoil, Berlusconi remains relatively popular among the majority of the Italian public, with his approval ratings remaining well over 50 percent.

Photo of Berlusconi after attack via
Photo of Berlusconi after attack via