Tiger Woods Voted PGA Player of the Year

Despite opinions the public may have about professional golfer Tiger Woods as he navigates through this personally challenging time for him and his family, one thing is for certain: when it comes to playing golf, Woods’ takes the cake. Today, that undeniable talent that shot him into the public eye at a young age is being recognized as he is awarded the PGA Player of the Year.

As Tiger Woods’ takes a hiatus from professional golf to sort out his personal family troubles resulting from his recent infidelities, the world of professional golf just can’t seem to take a break from Woods. CNN has just reported that Woods has been voted PGA Player of the Year.

The award is chosen by a vote from other professional golfers, indicating that despite the raging opinions of many in the mass public, those in Woods’ professional circle are recognizing him for him talents instead of ostracizing him for his mistakes.

PGA Commissioner, Timothy Finchem, said in a press statement that released Friday, “The recognition by [his] peers is one of the highest compliments a PGA Tour member can receive.” The statement also mentioned six tournaments Woods won in 2009, but steered clear of any mentioning of the recent car accident and infidelity admissions which have been in the forefront of the media.

In addition to being voted the PGA Player of the Year, earlier this week Woods was voted “Athlete of the Decade” by the Associated Press.

Scandal aside, it seems appropriate to extend congratulations to Woods who has put so much into his career and continues to rightfully obtain recognition for his talents on the course.