A Family Affair

Ok, so remember in grade school when they made you trace your family tree? Did you ever discover anyone fabulous during your research? I for one found that somewhere down the line, I was linked to a very distant queen of England. Obviously I don’t remember the details but I do remember at such a young age, feeling my discovery to be ultra chic and way cooler that the other kids’ trees in my class. But what can I say? Even at an early age, I thought of myself as a more unique and more hip individual than most. I recall wearing my model aunt’s three-inch platform sandals in the fifth grade. Quite fashion forward and mature if I do say so myself. But all fashion talk aside, tracing family trees and ancestry can be pretty interesting if you really put some serious effort into it, and of course, you’re not 12 years old. And after some quality research into President Obama’s family tree by the folks at Ancestory.com, the results may surprise you.

The site reports that Mr. Obama and Warren Buffett, the same investor who supported him throughout his campaign, are seventh cousins, three times removed, and share a great- grandfather who once owned slaves in Maryland. Very interesting results indeed. But neither one of the men’s spokespeople have commented on the findings which isn’t so shocking, I guess. I think they probably have more on their agendas to take care of than to comment on these particular findings. “We’ve all watched President Obama and Warren Buffett’s ongoing association, from Buffett’s official endorsement of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign to their sometimes differing views on economic policy,” Anastasia Tyler, a genealogist at Ancestry.com, said.  “Like most family members, the President and Buffett may not always agree on everything, but this latest discovery confirming they are related may shed light on why the two seem to see eye-to-eye on many issues.”

No word yet on whether these two will both show for the next family reunion. My guess however is a pretty solid no.

Via: Eater, CNN, NY Times