Berlusconi’s Weekend Attack Update

Haute Living reported yesterday that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was attacked by someone in the crowd during a political rally in northern Italy. Reports from today are indicating that the attack broke Berlusconi’s teeth and fractured his nose.

After being attacked yesterday at a political rally in northern Italy, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will remain in the hospital for at least “another 36 hours”, according to his doctor Alberto Zangrillo. The attack left Berlusconi with broken teeth and a fractured nose.

The 73-year-old prime minister who was stuck in the face with a miniature replica of Milan’s cathedral is currently receiving anti-biotics, anti-inflammatory medication, and painkillers, says Zangrillo.

The attacker, who has been identified as Massimo Tartaglia, reportedly has a history of mental illness; however the suspect’s father said he had never committed a violent act before. Tartaglia is charged with grievous bodily harm and was held overnight at Milan’s San Vittore prison, according to Milan police. Under Italian law, police can hold him for up to 48 hours without a judge’s order. Armanda Spataro is the anti-terrorist prosecutor who has been assigned to investigate the assault which left Berlusconi bleeding profusely from his left upper lip and cheek. Milan police are saying that Tartaglia is in his early 40s and had been undergoing psychological treatment for some time. Tartaglia is the only person who has been arrested in connection with the attack and is believed to have acted alone.

As of this morning, Berlusconi is reportedly feeling well, according to his press aide, Marco Ventura.