$60 Serge Lutens Mascara Comb

Fragrance and make-up mogul Serge Lutens has selected Barney’s New York as the exclusive vendor of their his mascara comb that is priced at $60.

Us women use it daily, but have you ever considered spending $60 on a mascara comb? If you’ve considered it, or would like to consider it, then you’ll be pleased to know that fragrance and make-up expert Serge Lutens has created a mascara comb fit for the most upscale lashes around.

Barney’s New York will be the exclusive vendor of this new deluxe mascara; a clear indication of just how select sales of the product may be. Lutens creates all of his cosmetics collections with “exquisitely textured gems of color and deluxe formulations,” ensuring only the best is involved in your daily make-up routine.

The Serge Lutens Mascara Comb has a comb wand that features a lash-by-lash applicator that purports to lengthen, refine, and shape lashes. If a $60 mascara comb won’t make your lashes lovely, I’m not sure what will, so it’s worth a shot.

Via: Luxist