Fourth-Quarter Mercedes-Benz Sales Predicted to Rise

The fourth-quarter sales volume at the Mercedes-Benz passenger car division is expected to rise considerably as weak year-earlier figures helped to promote growth rates through November.

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up for what they are predicting to be a strong fourth-quarter. Joachim Schmidt, Mercedes’ head of sales and marketing has noted, “As expected, in November we built on October’s positive development and once again significantly increased sales worldwide.”  

A crucial factor in this optimistic prediction is no doubt this year’s launch of the Mercedes E-Class full-size luxury sedan, which doubled the car’s global sales volume to 15,700 last month. It is reported that Mercedes-Benz’s November sales rose 19 percent over last year’s to 88,600 units.

As one might expect, following the Lehman collapse in September of last year, fourth-quarter volumes at Mercedes-Benz plummeted 22 percent, falling below the seasonally weak third-quarter sales.

Mercedes has certainly appeared to have pulled itself out of the economic madness to some extent, and despite it’s biggest rivals being two extremely popular German luxury brands, BMW and Audi, Mercedes is confident in their progression.

Via: Reuters