In Vino Veritas?

Red and white are no longer the colors associated with Bay Area wine connoisseur Mark C. Anderson. The new reigning hue? Orange, to match his jail jumpsuit.  Anderson fessed up to the wine blaze felt ‘round the Bay Area—his arson to a Vallejo building housing more than $200 million worth of vino.

Arson was among 18 other counts Anderson pled guilty to in Sacramento on Monday, thus avoiding trial. Anderson will therefore escape the wrath of the 50+ wine enthusiasts who saw their collections literally go up in flames. Apparently, this guilty disclosure may derail the possibility of life in prison. With three years down, he is a mere fraction into his 15 year, 8 month sentence.

Anderson was silent and weak—he rolled into court in a wheelchair and spoke minimally.  Also, his motive remains a mystery, though reports claim the fire was the cherry on top of his downward spiral sundae.

In addition to the Sacramento County charges, Anderson has pending accusations in Marin County for wine embezzlement. Allegations of Anderson selling the pricey bottles from his clients’ collections in order to fund his own lavish lifestyle have also come to light.  Thus, the fire served as a means to cover his fraudulent activity.

Via: SF Gate