Diamond Wrapped Art

The Piaget Limelight 2009 Collection is sure to turn some heads. Debuting their newest delicacy, Piaget’s new collection is a remarkable example of true luxury, which includes diamond-encrusted timepieces handcrafted to perfection. This collection is sure to steal anyone’s heart away. Not only serving function, the timepieces are designed to be more than that; they are wearable art and high fashion, easily accessible on your wrist.

It isn’t surprising that Piaget once again brings true art to their product with their newest watch collection. The watches are adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds that cover every surface of the pieces. Made to look more like an haute jewelry item, each diamond is cut and set to flow with the shape of the piece to give the watch a wrapped effect. To add more breathtaking extravagance to the watches the dials are made of mother-of–pearl and the cases and bracelets are each done in 18k white gold.

The time put in to creating these watches is astounding. I would venture to say perhaps more than those exquisite Hermes handbags.  Hundreds and hundreds of hours are required for these lovely gems. Piaget also loves to creatively cover the watch faces when not use; they are cleverly concealed with an overlapping covering that can be flipped open to read the time. These watches are no light matter. The vast amount of diamonds on these pieces can weigh up to an astounding 40 carats!

The Piaget Limelight 2009 Collection can be found at select Piaget boutiques around the world. Consider this an early Christmas present already wrapped up and waiting to be worn.