Bal Crillon des Debutantes at Paris’ Crillon Hotel

Look out twenty-something socialites, there’s a whole new wave of heel-hoarding teen gals at the tips of your stilettos and this Saturday they will be making their debut at the Bal Crillon des Debutantes in Paris.

While the rest of us will be rubbing our bellies filled to the brim with Thanksgiving leftovers, 25 extremely well groomed ladies will be dusting off their finest jewels and clicking their heels along as they make their way to the Bal Crillon des Debutantes at Paris’ Crillon Hotel on Saturday night.

The Bal Crillon was founded by Parisian public relations maven Ophelie Renouard this year, the Bal’s 19th, will bring daughters of global icons from the worlds of entertainment, politics, literature, art and fashion to one spot for an extremely anticipated lineup.

The first legitimate Indian Princess, Adishree Signh, will make her debut at the Bal along with Francesca Eastwood, the 17-year-old daughter of Clint. Princess Diana’s niece, Lady Kitty Spencer (pictured) will also be in attendance.

Each girl will be coupled with a cavalier, or escort, of similar notable pedigree, including French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo’s son, Alessandro Belmondo. Each girl will also be paired up with a fashion house to design her own gown which she will wear to the Bal, and Adler, the Bal’s official jewelry sponsor, will provide the debutantes with glorious jewels to wear.

Via: WWD Lifestyle