Wolofsky’s Super Sweet Bat Mitzvah

In what may seem like a flashback to Brat Pack days, Charlie Sheen was among throngs of pubescent girls over the weekend. Only this time, it wasn’t fulfilling his duties as teen heartthrob, it was as a distinguished and mature brother-in-law to Sydney Wolofsky, little sister to wife Brooke Mueller Sheen (who is how old?!). Another distinguished Charlie present Palm Beach pubescent’s bat mitzvah? Crist. As in the Governor.

Wolofsky had quite the Jewish-rite-of-passage fete over the weekend at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, with all the teen queen elements firmly in place–a pink carpet for guests to enter the banquet upon, a pink throne to be touted around in, and of course, Sheen and Crist for Wolofsky and some 70 classmates to gawk at.

In addition to the Palm Beach Day Academy students, over 200 family and friends flew in from all over the world, including locales like Australia, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Aspen, the Hamptons, and of course, Los Angeles.

Wolofsky aspires to be an actress one day, and her dreams seem well within reach considering some of her Hollywood connections; displayed via video shout-out. Familiar faces wishing a happy birthday to the teen were Sheen’s co-star, Jon Cryer, Martin Sheen, Regis Philbin, and McSteamy (aka Eric Dane) and wife Rebecca Gayheart. Also bringing the Hollywood glam was Bring it On cheerleader Rachele Brooke Smith, who gave a surprise dance performance.

I wonder if MTV has considered My Super Sweet Bat Mitzvah?

Via: Page2Live