The Best Jewels at the Boat Show

The day we have all be waiting for has finally arrived. Starting today and lasting through the Halloween weekend, yachting enthusiasts from around the world have started celebrating in the streets and waterways of Fort Lauderdale in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

In addition to the opulent display of this year’s most impressive models of motoryachts, Ed Suhyda of Carrazza Jewelers will also be showcasing his own sumptuous collection. In the most recent issue of Haute Living Miami, we take readers inside his jewelry boutique and art gallery, located at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center. Suhyda, an elite collector who works with more than 100 European designers in 10 countries, explains that clients often discover his work for the first time at the exhibition space he displays at the world’s largest boat show. “It is the prime location for luxury lovers who are perusing the super ships docked at Bahia Mar, the main port of the show.”

When Suhyda is not dedicating himself to sourcing the finest stones, objets d’art, and collectible heirlooms for his discerning clients, he satisfies his passion for luxury timepieces through his work with watchmaker extraordinaire, Pierre Kunz. Based out of Geneva, Kunz produces only 2,000 watches a year and the designs are so unique that Suhyda likens wearing a Pierre Kunz to “wearing an Aston Martin on your wrist… Most people buy watches to impress someone else. When you buy a Pierre Kunz, you buy it to impress yourself.”

Check out “The Crown Jewels of the Boat Show” in Haute Living Miami to read more about the special baubles that Carrazza Jewelers will be featuring for the golden anniversary celebration.

Via: Haute Living Miami