Rich Kids in the Neighborhood

Ever since this summer the residents of the College Terrace neighborhood of Palo Alto, California, have been rubbing elbows with true social networking royalty. Public records confirm that Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim live in this modest area neighboring Stanford University.  But according to a Gawker tipster, now Zuckerberg and Karim live side by side on the same street.

Zuckerberg must have have angered some neighbors in order for them to be ratting out his address. Apparently Facebook’s fast-growing company has been taking up all the residential parking spaces in the area from mid-morning to early evening. The company apparently isn’t providing enough spots for their employees. Residents have urgently been trying to instill residential parking permits for the neighborhood in an effort to restore their once-unclogged streets.

Residents have called the city in order to allow for a re-vote on an issue that wasn’t a priority until after the Facebook situation arrived on their block. Brent Barker, the Facebook liaison for the College Terrace Residents Association, said, “The first two days were probably the worst. It was much like if you went out of your house and your neighbor was having a party so that the streets were filled. It feels like a party all week long, and then on the weekends it breaks.”

While the company is trying to ease the strain as best as possible, their two company lots and shuttles are clearly not sufficient. Mark should probably get on that before the residents start to take real action or divulge any more pertinent information about his company.

Via: Gawker, Santa Cruz Sentinel