Rest up for a Sleepless Night Miami Beach

Ever wonder what the night-owls are doing while you’re sleeping? Well, now you can find out. Miami is gearing up for its annual run of high-season festivals, and none is making us want to take an anticipatory-nap more than the Sleepless Night event, set to take place from 6pm on Saturday, November 7, 2009 until 7am the next morning.

Miami Beach’s Sleepless Night participants will be staying up all night to be a part of the throngs of people who neglect shut-eye for the evening and experience more than 150 free arts and entertainment events presented at 80 different locations throughout the city. The event is expected to attract more than 100,000 people from all walks of life who will enjoy activities such as, free museum admissions, indoor and outdoor art installations and performances, architectural tours, dance shows, theater, music, slam poetry, film, video, fashion, acrobatics, comedy, and more.

The city collaborates with every available local cultural institution and numerous organizations, businesses, and individuals to make each year’s Sleepless Night one to remember. All aspects of what is considered as “the arts” will be included in the event, ensuring there is truly something for everyone.

There will be free shuttle busses with pamphlets onboard to give you the “where’s what” of each activity in all zones of the event over the course of the 13-hour night. For those who enjoy a late night but are unable to make it through the entire evening of activities, the Caltalina Hotel is the official hotel of the event and they are currently offering room deals for the evening.

Via: Sleepless Nights