Unrealistic Expectations

One of Disney’s main men, Robert Iger is losing patience with Hollywood and is drawing the line in a move very reminiscent of previous Disney executive Jeffery Katzenberg’s in 1991. Like Katzenberg did with a memo to bigwigs in the movie industry, Iger is now telling Hollywood he’s seen enough big-budget spending and that smarter spending is well overdue.

But in an industry that is built around frivolous and over the top spending, how realistic is it to think that small-scale projects are the answer? Those are what make for B-grade movies that have little, if any, time in theatres, not mega box office hits that make the movie world go round. Sure, it’s a nice thought, but in Hollywood, I would say more so an afterthought, and definitely close to impossible. I commend Iger for standing up for what he truly believes in, but perhaps the movie making industry is not the business he should have chosen for himself if cutting back costs are on his lists of things to do, especially working for Disney, an entity that’s the driving force behind massive amounts of revenue.

And here’s the other thing – Iger wants to significantly decrease spending, cutting corners and pinching pennies wherever possible. But do you think for one minute that this new, more efficient way of spending is going to affect his or any other head honcho of Disney’s salary and lifestyle? I think not. I could be completely incorrect here, but I just can’t see Iger ridding of what are likely, his beautiful, opulent home furnishings, taking them to his local thrift store, and then replacing them with IKEA pieces to be more in line with his company’s new way of spending and, ultimately, way of living. So I say, when it comes to Hollywood and creating movie masterpieces, go big or go home. This is certainly not the industry to try and cut corners. That’s why, worldwide, we go to movie theatres and take in films. It’s definitely not for a B or C-grade movie with bad acting and shoddy production.

Via: Gawker