Maria Bartiromo – First Lady of Finance

While is well on its way to becoming the ultimate online source for information about all-things-luxurious, we don’t want to neglect our print edition….and we don’t want you to miss our intriguing profiles of some of the nation’s most influential figures. So, in the honor of self-promotion, I encourage you to click through to our profile of Money Honey Maria Bartiromo, the first person to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. The piece appears in our second-annual Haute 100 edition of Haute Living New York, which so happens to be the publication’s third anniversary edition as well.

Not only does Maria open up about her latest venture – educational videos directed at children that serve to demystify money issues – she also offers some pretty insightful hints about what type of company deserves your investing attention in the midst of this downed economy. During the interview, she said, “My advice would be to think for the long term and believe in quality businesses, and believe in the global story, because America will come back, in terms of growth, once again. You want to be investing in growth stories, investing in companies that can grow their own earnings, grow their own revenues, and become larger and larger.”