Hogan’s Disaster Can Be Your Dream

Despite the last couple of messy years that Hulk Hogan and his spotlight-soaked family have been dealt, even more slightly disappointing news has come their way. But one man’s trash or tragedy always ends up being another’s treasure, right?  In this case, someone in south Florida will be celebrating his or her newfound jewel.

In 2006, the professional wrestler listed his Belleair, Florida, home for $25 million. The spectacular estate had plenty of air time on the family’s reality show “Hogan Knows Best,” and surely caught a few pairs of interested eyes. But after three years with no actual takers, the price has drastically dropped to an incredible price of $13.9 million. It’s just one part of the Hogan’s division of assets during their messy divorce. The French country château totals 17,000 square feet and includes a separate guest apartment and boat house. The grounds are made up of sprawling lawns that would be perfect for summer gatherings, and there are several garages to store impressive landlocked toys, as well as boat lifts and a floating dock for water toys.

Another property the Hogans are putting on the market is a great deal smaller, but nice just the same. The smaller-scale three-bedroom home is directly on Clearwater Beach and is listed at $2.3 million. However, one setback of its current condition or décor is inside in the master suite. The room is decorated with wallpaper. For some, wallpaper is a thing of the past, totally 80s, and I couldn’t agree more. But in this case, it’s not just “wall” paper, it covers the ceiling too. Now I would dare to call this garish, but referring back to the trash to treasure saying, it may be a favorite element for some. Regardless of your take, once the homes are yours, the renovations and redecorating can begin. And if it’s me purchasing either of the properties, the wallpaper definitely has to go. Bye-bye to the 80s, and hello to typical excessive South Florida style!

Via Luxist