Dressing the Professional

As I mentioned in my first column, Jared M. was initially created to fill a void in the custom clothing industry for the man with an athletic build. I believe in the saying that “once an athlete, always an athlete,” whether you are a frequent gym user, an NBA point guard, or played offensive tackle in high school. I noticed there was no company offering high quality custom clothing for physically fit men with muscular shapes. Jared M. quickly became the preferred source for athletes around the country, and businessmen followed in droves.

We specialize in dressing gentlemen who have a unique fit. We recently outfitted NBA guard Cuttino Mobley and middleweight world champion Bernard Hopkins in some of hautest looks for the 2009 fall season. While their body types are extremely different, they both were pleased with the fit and styles chosen for them, a testament to the versatility of the Jared M. brand.

Many things are taken into consideration when we are dressing a man, beyond just his body type. We also focus on his personality, interests, and passions, because the true definition of a perfect fit is making sure that not only are your clothes tailored to your exact body measurements but that they also reflect your entire lifestyle. While some bodies are more challenging than others, we have the custom clothing process mastered to a simple four-part system:

1 Set up a private appointment to view the new lines and luxurious fabrics.
2 Meet your personal stylist and get measured for your selections.
3 Make arrangements for final fittings.
4 Receive your custom-crafted garments and feel the difference that they will make in your life.

We firmly believe that when you are investing in something as important as your image, you should never compromise.

Jared Margolis
Jared M.
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