MAHAG & Lamborghini Open Newest European Showroom in Munich


MAHAG Group opened up their new showroom in Munich today. The partnership of the two companies-Automobili Lamborghini and MAHAG-gives a brand new presence of the Italian brand to Munich. The new showroom is located at the widespread MAHAG premises on the Albrechtstrasse. It sets new dimensions in respect to aesthetics, design and brand impression. Right behind North America and Italy, Lambo considers Germany as the most important single market for its company. As one of the most attractive business and society locations throughout Europe, the Munich metropolitan area plays a pivotal role for the further success of Lamborghini. The strong partnership with MAHAG Group makes for the best preconditions for sustained success in this important region. The new showroom is more than a car sales operation. it’s a cohesive scenery in which visitors can live the brand universe of Lamborghini in all its facets. Furthermore, the importance of design at Lamborghini is mirrored in the structure of the building. The showroom has room for up to three exhibition cars, a bar area with Italian flair, an exclusive lounge for customer consultations, and a high-end workshop. The address and contact is: Lamborghini München, Albrechtstr.16, München: Carsten Kortüm Tel. 0049-89-52039-500.