Auction for Only Ferrari Motorcycle Ever Created


Ferrari doesn’t make motorcycles. At least, not officially; but that fact hasn’t stopped a number of custom cycle makers from taking matters into their own hands. Perhaps the most famous Maranello-inspired two-wheeler was made by Arlen Ness, but that one’s not all that practical in conception. You would think that a Ferrari motorcycle would be a truly sporting machine, equally as comfortable on the race track as the street, or, more realistically, being shown off in one’s garage (or curbside at only the finest establishments). Ferrari seems to agree, as the only cycle ever created that bears an official Ferrari chassis number-SF-01M-has true sporting pretensions. Built by David Kay Engineering and completed in 1995, this one-and-only Ferrari motorcycle sports a DOHC engine displacing 900cc and putting out 105 horsepower at 8,800rpm (it has an estimated top speed of 165 mph). The bike has been featured with acclaim in worldwide publications ranging from ‘Scuderia’ in Japan, ‘Themen & Trends’ in Germany, ‘Motociclismo’ in Italy, ‘SM30′ in Spain and ‘Motor Cycle News’ in the United Kingdom. There’s also been a full half-page color spread in the ‘Daily Telegraph.’ With a long article in Mike Walker’s recognized work ‘The MV Story’, it has also been the star of several TV programs and exhibited at the Coventry Classic Bike show, to mention just a few occasions. So, what’s the only officially official Ferrari bike worth? We obviously won’t know until the auction ends on the 20th, but the expected price is between 325,000-375,000 Swiss francs, or around $300K.

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