The Ultimate Supercar: Bugatti Veyron


 The front calipers have eight titanium pistons and the rear ones have six, resulting in record-breaking deceleration-from 200 to zilch in less than 10 seconds.

Every facet of the Bugatti Veyron pushes the envelope. It’s a super sports car that’s unparalleled in performance and design. So when Bugatti had to decide on a dealer, it needed to make sure that it wasn’t a shop that only cared about moving metal, that it cared about brand equity. That it‘s top-notch facilities and 100 percent proven commitment to the highest level of personalized customer service would sychronize with the message the Veyron sends-the pursuit of automotive perfection.

That’s why Bugatti honed in on Braman Motors of Miami. South Florida’s preeminent luxury auto dealer, in 2007 it ranked No. 5 in the nation for highest volume dealerships on Ward’s Top 500 dealers list. Which means that both regionally and nationally, Braman enjoys supremely high loyalty and retention rates for sales and service. No one around is even close. The reason why is related by General Manager Ken Harte. “We’re not looking to make our next sales target. At Braman Motors, we’re focused on building lifetime relationships. We do that by exceeding expectations for the most exclusive car enthusiasts. And offering the most elite vehicles on the market is just one way we’re able to do that.”

And the Veyron is the most elite of the elite. Racy, sophisticated, and boldly proportioned, it’s the Picasso of the sportscar world. Built around its quad-turbo 64-valve W-16 engine, it blows the doors off, well, everything, reaching a top speed of more than 250 miles per hour (one-third the speed of sound), and accelerating from zero to 60 in 2.46 seconds. To get all that power to the ground, the Veyron employs the same launch control technology as F1 racecars. A dual-clutch Direct-Shift Gearbox computer-controlled manual transmission allows it to keep max traction through seven gear ratios. As the car accelerates past 137, it lowers itself to a ground clearance of 3.5 inches. A spoiler and wing deploy, adding downforce to keep you firmly on the ground.

A car is this powerful better have superior brakes. The Veyron does, with unique carbon rotors that draw in cooling air, reducing fade. The front calipers have eight titanium pistons and the rear ones have six, resulting in record-breaking deceleration-from 200 to zilch in less than 10 seconds.

The interior of the Veyron is not only exclusive, but also highly functional. Superb leather, two-toned if desired, is complemented by choice metallic trim and ergonomically laid-out controls to distinguish the cockpit. A large, central rev counter surrounded by four smaller additional instruments, which will always remind you of what James Hondros, Braman Miami Sales Manager, puts in proper perspective. “With the Veyron, you are not getting only the fastest production car in the world, it’s really an engineering exercise with technology that most likely never be duplicated in our lifetime.” But if it is, you can be  sure that Braman Miami will be one of the only places on Earth to find it.