Gore Design Completions Transforming Luxury Aircrafts for VIPs


If one were to question the nation’s top leaders, CEOs, and innovators as to what their No.1 key to success is, a favored answer undoubtedly would be commitment. This little word has gargantuan meaning, especially when it comes to running a business. Kathy and Jerry Gore know this better than anyone, as they continually have proven their commitment and dedication to the business they head, Gore Design Completions. In times of both trial and triumph, both Gores have displayed perseverance, thus defining the immense success and expansion of GDC, an all-inclusive jet interior design company specializing in aircraft interiors for VIPs and heads of state.

Peering into one of the Boeing or Airbus interiors that GDC has transformed into utter luxuriousness, it is easy to be visually overtaken, oblivious to all that goes into the creative process. Behind the scenes, GDC’s 500 employees are working around the clock to ensure that each interior is superior in quality, aesthetic, and far exceeds client’s expectations. To achieve this is no easy feat, and it has taken the Gore’s hands-on, do-whatever-it-takes attitude to get ahead-and stay ahead-in the competitive jet interior design industry.

 What always has and always will make us different is that we are driven by design and an extremely high level of quality. 

Gore Design initially was founded solely as a jet interior design firm in 1988, and later became a full service completion center, changing its name to Gore Design Completions in 2001. Since this change, the company has made the commitment to all-inclusive excellence, a rarity in the industry. Kathy and Jerry reflect on their first jet interior project: The Sacramento Kings team jet. “I subcontracted all of the required discipline and successfully delivered the aircraft on time,” recalls Jerry. This project was integral to the overall success of the company, and the two Gores were hyper aware of this fact.

“What always has and always will make us different is that we are driven by design and an extremely high level of quality,” Kathy explains, and this was reflected in that very first jet. After its completion, business started to take off. GDC’s high quality work quickly created a buzz throughout the industry, and clientele began turning to them for their aircraft needs in droves. This established GDC as a leader in the industry, allowing the company to grow into a powerhouse.

After studying the jet interior design sector, the Gores discovered a void: not one company offered an all-inclusive jet interior design experience. They learned that the best way to expand a customer base was to offer a “one-stop shop.” If an aircraft owner can get their maintenance and avionics needs met at one facility, they are more likely to pick that center for their interior work.

The company’s vast hangar facility in San Antonio, Texas, measures 174,000 square feet and utilizes three custom engineered platforms to pre-fit cabin furniture, minimizing the downtime once the aircraft arrives at the hangar. The unique GDC facilities include a custom upholstery shop, finish and avionics shops, and full cabinet and sheet metal parts fabrication centers. GDC is approved by both Boeing and Airbus as a maintenance and completion facility; there are only two centers of this kind in the United States.

GDC is still privately owned, giving the company the advantage of making quick decisions when it comes to clients’ wishes. Within the hangar, designers and engineers develop prototype models for each interior, allowing discerning patrons to review and request any changes they would like prior to the employees actually working inside of the aircrafts. This factor strongly contributes to the boasted minimal downtime that GDC offers.

Due to its high quality, work ethic, and timeliness, the company has established itself as the go-to company for CEOs and heads of state. Collectively GDC has delivered 15 aircrafts to world leaders, and these projects comprise 75 percent of the business. “These are the aircrafts with the most demanding and intricate designs, and I am proud of the high quality of work we consistently produce for these customers,” proclaims Jerry.

And these customers certainly appreciate the results; many who work with GDC return for future projects. GDC will continue the maintenance of each interior long after the craft leaves their hangar, resulting in customer satisfaction that can’t be beat.

Looking to the future, Kathy and Jerry are devising a timely growth plan to accommodate the high demand for their business. “I would say that we are currently the premier completion center in the world, and we plan to increase capacity to meet the demand for large aircraft conversions,” explains Jerry. As the world leader in interior completion work, GDC continues to be booked years in advance due to its reputation as one of the top completion centers available.