Spacecraft for the Road


What used to be a fantasy can now be bought: a hovercraft.  Aperta motors will be releasing a hovercraft with a sleek design and fuel efficient hybrid tank that makes this environmentally friendly vehicle seem to glide past gas-guzzling cars.  The hovercraft not only stimulates the imagination with such a spacecraft-like design, it gets 230 miles per gallon which allows road warriors to follow the new “going green” trend without sacrificing modern edge.  The vehicle was conceptualized with the help of an automobile design team that refined the simple yet space-age shell while an engineering team made sure to maximize aerodynamics of the shape.  The fascinating appearance of the Aperta-Type 1 model includes modish doors that lift as if summoning the driver to the roads and florescent lights to complete this modern look of the future.  The hybrid Aperta will begin production in 2009 with a base price of about $30,000.  With all the gas being saved, the dream to own a space craft is within reach as long as the long waiting list can be avoided.