Indulgence on Wheels


By: Beth Brody

Bentley has taken luxury auto to the next level with the anticipated debut of an ultra-luxe drop-top version of its Arnage T, the Azure T, set to debut at the L.A. Auto Show next week. The Azure T is being called “the world’s most elegant convertible” with a large list of well-designed, luxury additions that include just about everything imaginable. The 2010 Bentley Azure T luxuriously hums with a 500-hp twin turbo engine encased in beautiful exteriors, fine craftsmanship, and an identity synonymous with the high end luxury auto maker. The Azure T will have customization options for every taste and unlimited price range, including diamond-quilted seats or any other authentic material imaginable. The Bentley’s Azure T has the body of a sexy sports car and the amenities of an indulgent treat. This mouth-watering automobile finished with Bentley’s emblematic final touches has yet to have a set price.