DayJet Fleet of Eclipse 500s For Sale


DayJet, the failed Florida-based air taxi per-seat on demand operator, had taken delivery of 28 Eclipse 500 very light jets (VLJs) before ceasing operations as of September 19, 2008 (the startup had ordered 1,400 of the VLJs). The 28 are now on the block, with their Albuquerque, New Mexico, manufacturer in the role of broker. Though there has apparently been some interest in acquiring the entire fleet in a bulk purchase, Eclipse Aviation has indicated no interest in offering the bargain prices presumably sought for such an offer. The DayJet Eclipses have no more than 450 flight hours each, and are being sold “as is” with the DayJet livery and interior. Eleven of the aircraft are in original configuration, fitted with Avidyne avionics, small tip banks, no drag reduction kits, and no FAEC software upgrades that boost high-altitude cruise thrust output. Five of the aircraft have the drag reduction, large tip tanks, and FADEC upgrades, but pre-Avio NF Avidyne avionics. The remaining dozen have drag reduction and engine improvements, along with Avio NG avionics. As the exclusive reseller and former co-financier looking to avoid fire-sale prices, Eclipse is entertaining offers of at least $1.45 million per plane. Fleet buyers appear to be among the most promising prospects, and Eclipse believes that some buyers want to resell the jets quickly to government entities or other third parties. Of prime importance to potential buyers is the fact that Eclipse is unlikely to release ACS software source code to unauthorized third-party modifiers. As a result, obtaining independent STC approvals for any modifications, other than perhaps stand-alone, autonomous GPS navigators not be linked to other avionics or the autopilot, will be challenging and expensive. Eclipse reportedly still has more than 900 of its twinjets on backorder.

Via Flying Magazine