Time to Give Back


Philanthropic efforts seem to be at an all time high, and it’s about time. Nonprofit Chrysalis has partnered with renowned watchmaker Ernst Benz in celebration of the charity’s 24th anniversary. The collection is comprised of four watches designed by musician Mary J. Blige, entrepreneur Russell Simmons, actor Eric Dane, and acclaimed director Brett Ratner, whose timepiece is being released this month. Ratner’s inspiration was unsurprisingly a camera. As such, the watch features cutout peepholes allowing its inner mechanisms to be visible. “Every time I glance at the watch, it reminds me of looking into the eyepiece when I’m filming.” Explained Ratner. “Building a watch is actually more similar to making movies than I ever thought.”  Only 24 of each of the watches were made, and they are offered exclusively through Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills. 50 percent of each watches value ($6,800) will be donated back to the homeless-employment organization.