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By Jeremy Lissek


When you think about the benefits of private jet charter, what do you think of first? Easy boarding? No lengthy lines for check in? Faster flight time with annoying layovers sliced out? Control over when and where you fly, day or night? Choice of size, style, and variety of aircraft? Superior comfort? Privacy? Peace and quiet? Personalized food and refreshment? Hassle-free travel for your furry friends?

Hey, those are all great reasons, but notice anything left out? You should, because it’s arguably the first priority you have to consider: safety. You need to make sure that it’s more than some buzzword on a website, that the bird and pilots you’re entrusting with your corporate and personal treasure are irreproachable.

There are hundreds and hundreds of jet operators out there. How do you know who’s reputable and who has a great safety record? You don’t. But that’s what A-List Jets, a boutique private jet brokerage, does. They know that private air travel is only as good as the company supplying it. So they’ve done the homework and exhaustive due diligence because their select clients (celebs, pro athletes, entertainment firms, and Fortune 500 companies) are concerned about safety more than pricing. That’s why A-List only works with operators that have impeccable safety records. By using both Arg/US and Wyvern, A-List comprehensively vets and verifies each private flight’s operator, aircraft, and crew. They confirm absolutely nothing without it. So now you have an intermediary that’s effectively your own flight department. As founder Gordon Bijelonic states, “We’re also clients ourselves. We fly too, and we wouldn’t put anyone on an aircraft we wouldn’t put ourselves or our own family members on.”

Bijelonic also prides himself in A-List’s ability to provide a premier service at a value. Despite the economic climate and rising fuel surcharges, A-List has done more business in the first quarter of this year than in all of last year combined (and business kept booming into October). Unlike fractional ownership, clients (the target being those who fly at least 100 hours per year) pay at the time of the trip, so much of the new business involves trade-downs. “Some of them are private jet owners who don’t want their own aircraft anymore, who are moving to membership programs where you can buy as many hours as you want,” Bijelonic says. “And some that no longer want to commit to a huge number of hours are switching to on-demand plans where they fly when they need to.”

Over the past seven years Bijelonic has developed far reaching personal relationships with the owners of the industry’s safest and most luxurious jets, enabling A-List Jets to provide its clients with a truly premium service. If you have three months instead of three days, you’ll still have trouble flying in all the aircraft A-list can access. And the firm’s highly trained staff can cater to any special need. No request is too big or extreme. They break the sweat so you don’t have to. Go ahead, put them to the test. You won’t be disappointed.

So whether you’re pouncing on a late-breaking deal or you and the boys have got the urge to fish in the Keys, A-List Jets can get you up in the air fast, safe, and stress-free.

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