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Air Royale


Since 1994, Air Royale International Inc. has led the industry in procuring aircraft for world-renowned entertainers and artists, Fortune 500 companies, diplomats, heads of state, private citizens and even celebrity animals. With access to a global network of more than 5,500 aircraft, from twin-engine turboprops to world-class corporate jets to executive-configured airliners, Air Royale is known as the “boutique” air charter intermediary services company.

With offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong and Dubai, Air Royale can arrange for your safe, on-demand private air charter trip worldwide-no matter where you are-24 hours a day. Top charter operators fly all aircraft, certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Air Royale’s brand serves as the ultimate concierge with a lot of TLC. Air Royale is always on the move planning itinerary details to keep its promise-customers’ needs and desires are taken care of. Whether you want selections of fine wines, homemade gourmet meals, in-flight spa services, private ground transportation, private villa or bungalow stays, exclusive dinner reservations or theater tickets, Air Royale arranges it all.

Although Air Royale has grown over the last 14 years, it’s that personal boutique service that impresses its clientele, which includes the likes of Paramount Pictures Corp., Universal Studios, DreamWorks Animation, NBC News, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., Fortune 100 and 500 companies, and heads of state. A CNN executive said, “If you added together promptness, professionalism, and competitive pricing-that’s Air Royale.”

Aside from assuring that each customer is provided with the utmost in luxury, security, and privacy, Air Royale President Wayne J. Rizzi says that safety is a key factor.

“First, customers’ air safety must be the priority, which is why we use Wyvern Consulting Ltd., the first safety evaluations company that began performing on-site audits of air charter operators in 1991,” says Rizzi, who sits on the Wyvern Customer Advisory Board, which is responsible for setting The Wyvern Standard. Wyvern’s standards far exceed FAA’s minimum standards for commercial air charter operators.

Rizzi, who was recently voted the first president of the American chapter by members of the Baltic Air Charter Association, says, “There’s a good reason that Air Royale ensures that it arranges flights on behalf of its customers with operators that are Wyvern recommended-their safety record can’t be beat.”

Phone: 310.289.9800
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Email: info@airroyale.com
Website: www.airroyale.com