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By Alexandra Ingersoll


When StrategicAir formed in October 2007, it set out to revolutionize private aviation. CEO Keith St. Clair, the former chairman and founder of TraveLeaders (one of the 10 largest travel distribution companies in the USA), recruited his board of directors from among the most prominent names in private aviation and financing, all of whom could offer invaluable insight into various aspects of the industry. This meeting of the minds successfully formed a new breed of private aviation powerhouse, which is led by St. Clair; Kevin Parrott, EVP and CMO; Richard Oster, EVP and CFO; John Affeltranger, COO; and Chairman of the Board Mark Ginsburg.

At its inception, StrategicAir announced the acquisition of a number of private air travel companies that spanned the aviation industry. By consolidating brokerages, maintenance facilities, and aircraft into one privately held company, StrategicAir broke new ground in the private air charter market. Also, the company was the beneficiary of the FAA Part 135 and Part 145 certificates. With involvement at every step of the private air travel process, StrategicAir is able to control the customer’s experience from A to Z, making it more convenient, comfortable, and personalized than ever before, all available at a mere four hours notice. The company specializes in point-to-point trips to New York, Los Angeles, and South Florida. And unlike other companies, StrategicAir actually owns its own aircraft, which enables a wider range of price flexibility, creativity, and ingenuity compared to managed or brokered aircraft. Owning the maintenance aspects allows StrategicAir to solve problems instantaneously, preventing delays in a time-sensitive environment. This innovative business model is the result of the experience in the luxury travel and aviation industries garnered through the years by the company’s founders.

Now, StrategicAir is adding to its reputation for ingenuity with the introduction of the prepaid Limitless Sky Flight Card program, which offers discounted flight hours, available in four levels: Ruby ($50,000), Emerald ($100,000), Sapphire ($250,000), and Diamond ($500,000). Limitless Sky takes the ease of chartering one step further. Just one phone call to the team ensures the flawless handling of all the details, from takeoff to touchdown and beyond. The program enables members to charter multiple jets simultaneously, receive cabin upgrades, and enjoy increased options in cabin size. And, unlike many other programs, membership is transferable. The exact menu of benefits varies according to level of membership, but can entail catering, limo transfers, and the StrategicAir Concierge. At the Emerald level and above, waved landing, parking, and handling fees are included with participation. At Sapphire and Diamond levels, clients will be the beneficiaries of fuel surcharge exclusions and waived ferry fees on heavy jets. At every level, the Assist Privilege Card is included as part of the program. The privilege cards offer solutions and support for a number of emergency situations globally. The specific range of services was designed by aviation industry experts to ensure the most complete coverage and highest level of efficiency.

Limitless Sky promises to further the values upon which StrategicAir was founded-to present the client with the utmost in options, flexibility, safety, and efficiency-and the new program takes all four to the next level.

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