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Velocity Jets

By Alexandra Ingersoll


Though once an elitist mode of transportation, due to the increasing hassles of commercial travel, the private aviation industry has drastically increased in popularity, thus losing its incantation of exclusivity. The sky is now filled with fractionally owned jets, and those jets are in turn engorged with unsatisfied clients who have been forced to compromise their personal time to accommodate incongruous flight schedules. Velocity Jets has taken on the commitment of returning private jet travel to its original form: personalized service, flexibility, and in-flight luxury, ensuring any journey-whether it is for business or pleasure-an affable one.

 With Velocity Jet’s adamant attention to the minutest service details, it comes as no surprise that their safety standard policies are stringent.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale International Airport, with outposts in New York and Los Angeles, Velocity Jets has dominated the private aviation market with their unparalleled service and offerings including private jet membership, aircraft sales and management, global aircraft charter, and worldwide tours. Their experienced team ensures premium service that is customized to fit any client’s needs, wishes, and desires. Isn’t that how it should be when one chooses to fly private?

Cofounders Patrick Harris and Jessica Osterneck, who share responsibility of overseeing Velocity Jets, both bared witness to a notable rise in their Jets Card service. The two agree that this can be attributed to the rising cost of private jet ownership, but more so to the hassle, maintenance, and wasted time that many patrons have experienced with their jet ownership. Numerous private wealth advisors have reported their clientele selling their trusted Gulfstreams and Lears, trading up for a Velocity Jets Card. With a minimum deposit of $100,000 the card grants clients access to a fleet of 5,500 jet types, ranging from turboprops to heavy jets. Clients are billed based on a guaranteed one-way or round-trip hourly rate. This membership ensures that clients will depart, spend the duration of their flight, and arrive in the utmost safety and luxury. With infinite flexibility and 365 days guaranteed availability, any jetsetter can now fly wherever and whenever without the headwind of long-term contracts or monthly management fees.

What sets Velocity Jets apart from the other sea of private aviation brands is their attention to detail. Each and every individual client is treated as though they are the one and only client. Velocity’s staff take special measures to get to know every passenger that steps foot on the aircrafts, including their likes, dislikes, allergies, trip itineraries…the list goes on. Customization is the key to a personalized journey, and Velocity Jets has certainly got this art down to a very fine “T.”

With Velocity Jet’s adamant attention to the minutest service details, it comes as no surprise that their safety standard policies are stringent. All of the aircrafts utilized by Velocity are ARG and Wyvern-rated, and all pilots and operators are held far above the FAA standards; both combined efforts have given Velocity the bragging rights of an incident-free safety record.

Though the Jets Card service is growing at a record speed, so too are their worldwide charter and tours, sales and acquisitions, and concierge services. It was no easy feat returning private air travel to its original status of private luxury for the world’s elite; Osterneck and Harris have not only completed the task, but also improved the art of world travel to a status that can-and always will be-attained through only one brand, Velocity Jets.

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