No Stone Unturned: Ricardo Basta


The great Michelangelo once said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Fine jeweler Ricardo Basta’s precise process of picking and choosing specific gems to create his dazzling, one-of-a-kind masterpieces embodies Michelangelo’s sentiments. From engineering to customization to personalization, Basta simply does it all, thus taking traditional jewelry design not just one step, but rather several steps further. He is a man wearing many hats, because in order to complete one of his creations he serves as a designer, artist, and engineer. His pieces are the perfect blend of science and beauty, and the results are utterly brilliant.

Since his youth, Basta has believed that women should look beautiful from not just the front but from all angles. This belief is evident in his work, as each stone is handpicked and artistically positioned by Basta. For example, based on his philosophy that “a woman should look good coming and going when wearing jewelry,” he pavés all visible surfaces: the front, back, and sides, creating a polished look from every angle.

Basta’s pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also entertaining, thanks to their identifiably unique Basta whimsical charm. Take, for example, his panda brooch. The panda’s body, comprised of 2,000 black and white diamonds, is enough to grab the attention of any passing eye, but the most remarkable part of the piece lies in its construction. The bejeweled panda boasts a platinum bamboo branch incorporating hand-carved jade leaves. So real in effect, the jade leaf in the mouth of the panda moves as if the panda is savoring its leafy freshness.

 Basta’s vibrant gemstone combinations thrill the wearer.

Basta’s attention to even the minutest detail-his signature-distinguishes his designs from any other and has established Basta as one of the preeminent jewelers in the world, known for his extravagant jewelry designs with a twist. His clients are collectors with a keen eye for aesthetics, and taste for the world of fine art.

He makes it a point to know exactly whom he is designing for and caters to the likes, dislikes, and overall style of the individual as he sees fit. Just one of his many talents is his ability to infuse specific characteristics of a personality into the pieces he designs, giving each of his creations an inimitable charisma. People travel from coast to coast in search of Basta’s artistic talents, whether it’s to design and manufacture custom engagement rings or eternity bands, or to indulge any other whimsy a patron may have. An expert at combining many colors into a single luxurious jewel, Basta’s vibrant gemstone combinations thrill the wearer.

From classic diamond bands to mobile earrings and articulating brooches, Ricardo Basta has mastered the combined art of engineering and design with dazzling panache.