Every Girl’s Best Friend: Jeffrey Rackover’s Jewels


 “I’ve created a niche for myself in catering to a very elite clientele where everyone is busy and wealthy and doesn’t have the time to figure out what the wife or girlfriend needs.”

If Oprah refers to you as the “go-to guy,” it generally means that you must have done something right. But she’s not the only one singing the praises of Jeffrey Rackover, the unanimously official man of the hour when it comes to diamonds. Rackover has dominated the fine jewelry market through his unparalleled private services solely through word of mouth until this year, and has established an A-list following including names such as Natasha Bedingfield and Jennifer Lopez. Not only does Rackover design jewelry, but he creates custom pieces with specific members of his elite clientele in mind, making every husband or boyfriend’s life easier, and each woman’s piece of jewelry-whether it be diamond encrusted earrings or a layered necklace-both personal and unique.

Since his early 20s, Rackover knew he ultimately wanted to venture into private design, drawn to the independence and artistic liberties that are enjoyed by those who work privately. But most importantly, he wanted the opportunity to develop sincere relationships with clients who would allow his custom pieces to completely suit the personalities of each individual, and his plans have proven to be more than successful.

Rackover’s first of many star clients was Diana Ross, who he assisted in picking out two flawless pear shaped 5-carat diamond studs in 1983, and he has been a favorite of the Hollywood set ever since. When proposing to his current wife, Melania, Donald Trump went directly to Rackover, due to his impeccable reputation amongst the rich and famous and his dedicated passion for diamonds. He continues to cultivate a celebrity following, which grows stronger with each passing year.

In 2006, Rackover collaborated with Sports Illustrated, decorating the ever-seductive Molly Sims with a 16-carat round-cut, 35-carat emerald-cut, and 50-carat flawless pear shaped diamond bikini. From this piece, his work became even more renowned, and the stunning diamonds of the barely there swimsuit were later sold to elite private diamond collectors. Since ’06, fame and fortune has not followed, but rather chased the tracks of Rackover in his world travels.

More recently, Rackover was featured in VH1’s Fabulous Life of the Red Carpet, seeing as the conquistador of diamonds has dressed numerous starlets in shockingly brilliant creations to dazzle the famed scarlet rug. And what celeb wouldn’t want one of Rackover’s creations? His pieces are ensured to be one-of-a-kind, custom-made, innovative, and available without the woes of paparazzi circling storefronts like vultures for the latest faux engagement headline. Additionally, Rackover gives his clients better value and price by having only a showroom as opposed to a store with a Madison Avenue address, thus avoiding the overhead charges of commercial diamond retailers. “I’ve created a niche for myself in catering to a very elite clientele where everyone is busy and wealthy and doesn’t have the time to figure out what the wife or girlfriend needs,” he says. His dedication to befriending clients and getting to intimately know their styles and opinions extends beyond the U.S. as he is willing to jet anywhere, anytime, to seek out the ideal gems to create his original works of art. With a selective client list of approximately 100, Rackover is able to easily keep track of their tastes, and if he notices something in his travels that he knows they’ll want, he gets it. “If you want something special, I’m the guy to go to,” says Rackover. With a history of decorating the world’s most privileged and creating long-lasting relationships with his elite client base, Jeffery Rackover has dominated the diamond industry and will continue to do so with his unmatchable creations and unequivocal level of service.