This furniture company combines the wonders of India and the culture of Africa with the flair of Miami.


Renowned for drawing inspiration from the mixed heritages of the company’s founders, Inzamia is a unique furniture company that symbolizes synergy and harmony between the environment, unique design, and space.

The company was founded in Miami by two brothers, Bhavin and Sachin Dhupelia, who pay homage to their family’s rich roots through the original name: In (India) Za (South Africa) Mia (Miami). The furniture line that results is a barrage of different styles, ranging from ethnic, traditional carvings to British and Dutch Colonial pieces to fine-line current contemporary designs. The principals of Inzamia have been importing and distributing the high-end furniture since 1997 to select stores and designers.

The unique offerings furnish the homes of business owners, celebrities, and prominent firms across the U.S. and around the world. Satisfied customers span the globe, from New York to Los Angeles, Palm Beach to London, throughout South America, and beyond. In recent years, the prolific company even furnished a boutique hotel on the exclusive Harbor Island, Bahamas. Parlaying that project’s success, the brothers are now working on providing the décor for a boutique hotel in Costa Rica, working directly with the project’s developer to ensure that the other-worldly works chosen for the project perfectly compliment the intimate, one-of-a-kind feel of the boutique hotel.

The Miami showroom is located in the Wynwood Arts District, where the brothers display an extensive and unique collection of furniture and architectural accents that they personally source from countries around the world. Inzamia specializes in customizing and manufacturing any piece to meet each project’s exact specifications. Should you not be able to make it to the showroom, the unique and unusual pieces are also showcased at