Pioneers of Architectural Glass

By Alexandra Ingersoll

Conti Glass Corporation provides architects with the tools to build their dreams.


When building any edifice, it is a known factor that one must pay the utmost attention to detail. Just as the right accessories can make or break any outfit, so too can the constructional accents of architecture.

Conti Glass Corp., a custom glass and glazing company, has proved to be the leader of innovation and design, providing architects the tools necessary to build their architectural dreams, whether residential or commercial.

Based out of Miami, Florida, Conti Glass has gained the utmost respect and credibility for their unparalleled customer service, unique designs, and state-of-the-art technology, all of which have allowed  the company to operate both nationwide and internationally. For more than 30 years, CEO Horacio R. Leal has led the glass fabrication industry by using innovative construction methods to create unique designs.

From cascading glass staircases, glass elevators, and glass canopies to glass bridges and walkways, Conti Glass does it all, including design and fabrication of steel and stainless steel frames. Conti Glass uses the latest technological innovations to aid in their emergence as industry leaders of architectural glass. The combination of utilizing water and lasers with Conti Glass’ computer numerical controlled water jet and polishing machinery (trademarked by the aerospace industry) ensures perfection and precision in each design.

Leal, who is always creating new and unique ways to use glass in the architecture, has a passion for perfection that is evident in his awe-inspiring work. Throughout his career, Leal has been highly sought-after for his superior quality and dedication to each and every project. From the United States Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C., to the Vieques Airport in Puerto Rico, to private residences in the Miami area, Conti Glass’ high-quality work has established the brand as a a leader of both commercial and residential architectural glass.

Leal attributes the success to the unique skill set that Conti Glass provides. “We combine the art of glass with the architectural and structural design of stainless steel and other related products to achieve projects like no others in the field,” he explains. “Conti Glass Corporation’s complete staff of draftsman, engineers, fabricators, designers, installers, secretaries, and accountants ensures a completely expedited in-house production to turn any concept into a stunning reality.”

Leal believes that the cutting-edge aesthetic and vision is what will drive the company into the future. The challenge of accomplishing the extraordinary, things that no other designers dare to embark upon, is precisely what keeps the company at the front of the industry.

Aside from the unmatched talent, Leal believes that Conti Glass’ greatest attribute is the attention the staff is able to provide each customer from inception through installation. “We offer each of our clients the time they deserve to put their ideas into production, with an emphasis on the finished product,” he says. “We guide our customers through the complete steps of the project, listen to their ideas, provide suggestions, and ultimately bring it all together as their final envisioned masterpiece.”

Conti Glass’ complete package of artistic talent and passionate customer service will surely cement the company’s place as leaders in the architectural glass industry.

Conti Glass Corporation
8808 S.W. 129 Street
Miami, Florida 33176