Car of the Week: 2007 Pagani Zonda


For the automotive connoisseur who demands exclusivity, driving a Pagani Zonda is the pinnacle of experience. In production since 1999, less than 100 Pagani luxury race cars exist in the world as only 25 of these masterpieces are created each year. The 2007 Pagani Zonda C12F invigorates even the most selective driver with its 7.3 liter, V12 midsize engine boasting a 0 to 62 mph speed within 3.5 seconds. And at a top speed of 215 mph, be sure you have enough road to enjoy the most it has to offer. Taking advantage of the luxurious power of this extreme Italian masterpiece is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Named after the Argentinean air current off the Andes Mountains, the Zonda provides not only the best in aerodynamics but also a light and airy feeling within its interior. Precision fingertip steering reassures you of control no matter what speed you travel. The company’s owner, Horatio Pagani, has left nothing to chance with every detail inside and out designed to perfection. Whether racing along the Autobahn or the Italian Tuscan hills, the Pagani Zonda is built to amaze. Life’s memories are enriched by unique experiences, and there is nothing more unique than driving a Pagani. You will be among an elite few who have truly sampled automotive perfection.

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