Haute, Hip, and Happening


A blue Astro Turf sundeck encapsulates the collective quirky-chic modernity of the Standard Hotel. With locations in all of the hipster cities, Downtown LA, Hollywood, New York, and Miami, these hotel branches have quickly evolved into staples of the young, haute, and hip urban scenes. From the 24-hour restaurants to the roof deck pools, The Standard provides all the luxuries and amenities associated with traditional luxury accommodations, and infuses some cultured funk that keeps guests coming back for more. The minimalist retro interior is fabulously displayed and consistent throughout all of the locations. Hosting everything from concerts to barbeques at one of the many eclectic locations, The Standard has established itself as a quick favorite as more than just a hotel. The restaurants and lounges are frequented by guests and local patrons alike, and offer the famed 24/7 Restaurant, and Purple Lounge to appease the most discerning hipster. All locations share the equal funky allure, yet maintain their separate true-to-city cultural identities. With the combined forces of ultra chic style with a twist, the standard has arrived, and has earned its reputations as the new funky- fresh haute spot.