Golden Door: Barausse S.p.A.’s Designs

Barausse S.p.A.’s designs turn the door from an overlooked aspect of home décor to the center of attention in any home.

By Sally Gales


 Should your home embrace a more traditional style, Barausse has also released the Palladio collection, created as a 500-year anniversary tribute to the famous aforementioned Venetian architect.

Tennessee Williams once said, “Luxury is the wolf at the door and its fangs are the vanities and conceits germinated by success.” We couldn’t disagree more-after all, this is Haute Living. Barausse S.p.A., an Italian company that has been specializing in the production of über-luxurious wooden interior doors since 1967, also eschews this saying. Luxury is in the details, and when you’re successful, it’s only natural to want a home that is more than just a place to rest one’s weary head; a home should be a place where the finer things in life are displayed in every last detail, right down to the oft overlooked minutia.

The international affluent community would also agree. Barausse doors are used in many prominent establishments where style and visual impact are not only important, but obligatory. But what really helps distinguish this brand from the bunch is the avant-garde designs, impeccable style, and the advanced technologies that manifest themselves in everything Barausse produces. Also, there is the sustainability factor: Barausse embraces low environmental impact at the frontline of its design process, a credo that influences the entire lifespan of a Barausse door. The wood used for these beautiful products comes from productive forests, which regenerate at a fast rate, and the varnish is water-based, which allows the door to be fully recyclable.

This forward thinking is apparent throughout the entire company, which currently holds 16 industrial patents that optimize functionality alongside design, thanks to Barausse’s continuous attempts to bring technological innovations to their products. The interior doors, which are represented in beautiful residential, retail, and hotel locales across the globe, are enhanced with a wide range of dressings-from mirrors and leather to Swarovski crystals. The result is a door that infuses a space with warmth and personality that cannot be matched.

The latest line of offerings from Barausse guarantees that you will “fall in love at first light.” There are four models available in this Brilliant collection, but, as with any truly luxurious company, Barausse is willing to work with its clients to create the ideal personalized door. “Rain” is one beautiful model adorned with a cascading fall of crystals. The Swarovski pieces are optimized when they appear on gray oak, black oak, wenge, or lacquered models. With “Masai Moon,” a full, transparent crystal moon appears on a black veneer door. “Space,” the third door in the Brilliant collection, displays round mirrors with crystals, resulting in a maze of light, while “Colour Swarovski” was created with the young and the young at heart in mind.

Should your home embrace a more traditional style, Barausse has also released the Palladio collection, created as a 500-year anniversary tribute to the famous aforementioned Venetian architect. The four models that comprise the collection display exquisite golden varnished wood and glass frames-a beautiful statement for any home.

The Tetrix collection is ideal for those who can’t decide which of Barausse’s doors to chose from. Coined “the door with two faces,” Tetrix is a patented leaf system that makes it possible to create various combinations for the door by selecting different materials such as Real Wood, stainless steel, leather, glass, and mirrors. The assemblage of these elements creates an interesting play on any room’s décor with alternations of light and dark, shiny and opaque.

Seeing as the Barausse collection is so revered, it is little wonder they expanded their offerings to include Boiserie, a paneling system that effectively furnishes the walls of your home with typical Barausse style. These panels work not only as aesthetically pleasing decorations, but also facilitate ventilation, hide unattractive circuitry, and can accommodate hidden compartments.

Such innovative thinking has landed the company an invitation to participate in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair taking place May 17 to 20 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. Barausse will appear in the Saloni Worldwide section alongside other renowned Italian design brands.

A door is the first thing that greets friends and family upon arrival at your home, so shouldn’t your door offer a glimpse of the warmth and luxury that lies within? When you choose to outfit your home with doors from Barausse, when guests arrive at your estate, they will be greeted with nothing but the best.