Three’s Company: Suzanne Somers, a $35 million mansion, and a fireproof home


We apologize for that headline. BUT Who could blame us? Actress/Thighmaster pitchwoman Suzanne Somers is on the verge of moving into a fireproof home, though she told CNN’s Larry King that it “will not be pretty… It’s going to be concrete and roll down steel shutters with concrete underneath and a sprinkler system. I think if you live in a fire prone area, I’m surprised they don’t even require that you should build as fireproof a house as you can. It’s going to come again. That I know.”

The quirky idea is a result of the fact that Somers’ home site in
Malibu where the new mansion is being built was the site of her old home, which burned down via wildfires in January of 2007. (Now it all makes sense!) Coincidentally enough, the late Sonny Bono also saved Somers’

Palm Springs home from wildfires in the mid-80s. Go figure. As for the $35 million mansion, that’s Somers’ home, but apparently not for long. Celebrity Real Estate Homes Blog Big Time Listings says that Somers and her husband Alan Hamel plan to sell the couple’s 65-acre

Palm Springs estate, called Les Baux De Palm Springs, for $35 million. That should help pay for the fireproof house.

Via Celebrity Real Estate Homes Blog Big Time Listings