Swarovski Crystal Toaster


Before you read on, be warned: This one comes from the “When the rich are too rich, there are ways” department. But, then again, we guess it’s fitting that there’s a Swarovski crystal toaster out there, because you’ve gotta throw down a good amount of bread in order to take one home.

This $300, two-slice work of culinary art (and probably excess), which is available through super-swank Neiman Marcus, (which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas,) was designed by British-based household appliance company Russell Hobbs, a company known for its reliable, durable, and good-looking products. And, since it’s embellished with more than 200 Swarovski crystals, this toaster is sleekly constructed with stainless steel and glass, with dimensions of six inches by nine inches by 18 inches..

There is a limited-edition run of only 500 of these broiling bad boys, so you’d better act fast and throw down a few Benjamins, before they’re toast.

Via Born Rich