Haute Agent: Suzanne Perkins

If seeing is believing, there can be no doubt that Suzanne Perkins is Santa Barbara’s preeminent real estate professional. Her record is unparalleled; her Top Agent awards and accolades unmatched.

Representing some of the globe’s most distinguished clientele, Suzanne’s phenomenal success in the Santa Barbara market has reached historical proportions. In January of 2007, Suzanne represented the sellers in the largest non-commercial transaction in California history, consisting of the El Cojo and Jalama Ranches, which were listed at a combined $155 million. In February of 2007, she represented both Seller & Buyer in the highest value residential oceanfront transaction in Santa Barbara history. This transaction was preceded in 2006, when Suzanne represented the seller of the most expensive residential beachfront property in Santa Barbara to that date.

Her integrity, her work ethic, and her amazing heart of gold compel Suzanne to deliver a level of service to her clients that is unequaled in today’s real estate market. Suzanne utilizes a cutting edge marketing team and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that her client’s properties get the exposure they deserve. She has pricing, positioning and advertising down to a science. When representing buyers, she commits to a full understanding of the details and complexities so that her clients have what they need to make intelligent decisions. Suzanne Perkins is uniquely qualified to put together world-class deals because she delivers world-class service.

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, home state of the Kentucky Derby, Suzanne is no stranger to a championship mind set. An accomplished equestrian, Suzanne is a respected international judge as well as a breeder of champion show horses. Her passion and expertise for all things equine make her well qualified to represent the impressive ranches and equestrian properties that line her resume.