Detoxifying Miami Beach at Canyon Ranch Living


When the Carillon became available, Sheppard and Wolman bought the property as a sheer investment, knowing they needed to select the right brand for the locale. “[Wolman] has been going to Canyon Ranch for twenty years, and his wife said that we should put a Canyon Ranch on the Carillon site. We were like ‘Yeah, right, they might come.'” The duo traveled to Tucson to meet with the powers that be at Canyon Ranch headquarters, expecting to get a total of three minutes of their time. Upon hearing the ideas proposed by WSG, the meeting lasted three hours, with the Canyon Ranch team ultimately deciding to head to Miami to see what WSG had to offer. When other developers heard that Canyon Ranch was shopping for a Miami locale, they all wanted in on the action, inciting a fierce competition that WSG ultimately won. “It came down to Canyon Ranch deciding whom they really wanted as their partners…. [Our relationship with Canyon Ranch] is a relationship of vision: where do we see this brand going? Who is going to keep the integrity this brand is built on? It’s personal, and that’s what Canyon Ranch is; it goes to your inner core, your inner self. It affects you.”

While other developers may have looked at the deal as a real estate one, WSG knew it was about more than that; it is about lifestyle. “It’s a lifestyle of balance,” says Sheppard. Zuckerman’s visionary wellness plan is a major catalyst behind the partnership of Canyon Ranch Living Miami Beach. The goal of Canyon Ranch Living is to help its residents and guests live that life in balance every day, as the trained staff encourages people to find their healthiness, achieved through education, prevention, and implementation. “Canyon Ranch Living is healthy habits, fitness that fits your life, delicious gourmet nutrition, and most critically-balance. It is a committed lifestyle change and the guidance to make it happen,” as the brand’s brochure eloquently states.

The property itself features 430 one-, two-, and three-bedroom and penthouse condominium residences alongside 150 hotel suites designed by the Rockwell Group, plus an 83,000 square foot Canyon Ranch Spa, Wellness, and Fitness Center. The property also includes common areas for play, sports, meditation, and relaxation, three swimming pools, and Canyon Ranch restaurant, which will be open to the public, although the spa is reserved for residents and hotel guests. The project is garnering astounding national attention and copycats before this locale is even open. (It is expected to open in late 2007.)

At the center of Canyon Ranch Living’s offerings are classes, labs, consultations, evaluations, and screenings covering the entire health and wellness spectrum. The offerings at Canyon Ranch Health & Healing Center range from Healthy Heart and Cholesterol Consultation to Healing Touch Consultation, from Thai Massage to Stress Management Consultations. Canyon Ranch Living covers such a range of offerings to ensure that its residents get the most out of their living experience.