Dallas: 5 Best Concierge Companies For Holiday Gifting

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One Concierge handles private avaition needs as well as a variety of other concierge services.
One Concierge handles private avaition needs as well as a variety of other concierge services.

Photo Credit: One Concierge/Facebook
If you thought that concierge service was only useful when you were traveling you are missing out on one of the best ways to use your time efficiently that was ever created.

A concierge does much more than call taxis, buy tickets, and arrange conference rooms. A good concierge service will:

  • Make appointments
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Arrange for housecleaning
  • Arrange for  a nanny
  • Have your oil changed
  • Schedule your massage
  • Send flowers to your Mom
  • Shop for gifts

And there’s so much more. While all of those things are very nice this time of year it’s the gift shopping that is the most helpful as far as we’re concerned. Christmas shopping makes us feel like we are characters in The Hunger Games fighting through a sea of humanity. Even the valet parking at our favorite malls becomes a chore during December. It’s so much better to give the list to the concierge and let them handle it while we spend some quality time with the Hallmark Channel.

Here are our five picks for the best concierge services in Dallas:

1 One Concierge

One Concierge/Facebook
If you are looking for an original Magritte for your office or want to whisk your partner off to Tahoe in a private plane One Concierge can do it. They are one of the few concierge companies that do offer private aviation services. You can hire them by the service or put them on retainer with an annual fee.

2 Premier Concierge

Premier Concierge has provided Dallas professionals with upscale concierge service for fifteen years. A local company, Premier Concierge handles the day to day tasks for you so that you can maintain a healthy life balance. The do plan parties and shop for gifts, as well as taking care of a variety of other chores. In other words, when you realize that you've left your cocktail dress at the cleaners, your party is in 30 minutes, and you've forgotten to buy the wine these are the people you call to make it right.
11700 Preston Road, Ste 660-186 Dallas, TX 75230 972 788 1587 [email protected]

3 Julia's Lifestyle Management

Do you need your house decluttered before the holidays? A virtual assistant to handle some of your correspondence? Someone to buy and wrap Christmas gifts? Julia's Lifestyle Management is a local concierge service that handles all of those needs plus several more. They are even great at sorting out your personal financial records.

4 Executive Concierge

If you are looking for a caterer to handle your Christmas Eve soiree or a private chef for the family's traditional Christmas brunch Executive Concierge can handle it. In fact they handle reservations, book flights, and make relocation to Dallas a breeze, too.

5 Go Go Me

Go Go Me is based in DFW but it is global can handle anything, anywhere, at any time.. This concierge service will even send someone to your office to do your hair and makeup if you need a quick fix before a meeting or media event. They'll even handle your Christmas card list so no one gets forgotten.
817 668 6246 214 997 4464 [email protected]
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