Oxygene & Haute Living Host Posh Luncheon Featuring Dionea Orcini Jewelry

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Sofi Matz, Juliette Klepach
Sofi Matz, Juliette Klepach

Haute Living and Oxygene hosted their annual private Thanksgiving luncheon on Thursday, November 19. Every year, Shayne Cohen closes the doors to her chic Bal Harbour Shoppes boutique for an exclusive luncheon with some of her top clientele.This year’s luncheon also highlighted Dionea Orcini and her breathtaking jewelry line.


Jewelry was once based on cosmic constellations and sacred legends; Dionea’s pieces exude a spiritual message channeled by mystical symbols from around the world . It was also once believed that precious jewelry had a direct link to the metaphysical world of Gods. Those remote cultures were drawn to mysterious, mythological symbols, and would often incorporate these elements into jewelry to give each piece a magical power. The collections of Dionea Orcini reveal those world mysteries and create uniquely personal and precious amulets.

Patti Bruno Rivero, Calyann Barnett, Katina Taylor
Patti Bruno Rivero, Calyann Barnett, Katina Taylor

The guest list included Marta DeLima, Katina Taylor, Calyann Barnett, Karla Dascal and Alexia Echavarria. The “ladies who lunch” ogled over the magnificent pieces and enjoyed a delectable three-course lunch catered by Le Basque. This year’s event further bolstered the long-standing partnership between Haute Living and Oxygene, and proved to be their best luncheon yet!





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